BKBX Black & White Ball

BKBX Black & White Ball

Every fall BKBX hosts a gala for our amazing community: Part costume ball, part mime show, part dance party — all over the top — the Black & White Ball has been a bigger success for the company each year on the strength of just how much fun it is.

See below to relive the memories with BKBX, and be sure to save the date for 6th Annual Black & White Ball, Thursday November 30th at The Dumbo Loft!

Past Years

5th Annual @ The Dumbo Loft

BKBX 5th Annual Black & White Ball
Photo © Bjorn Bolinder

Photos by Bjorn Bolinder // findthelightphotography.com

4th Annual @ Drift Studio NYC

Photos by Bjorn Bolinder // findthelightphotography.com

3rd Annual @ Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

2nd Annual @ DKLB BKLN

1st Annual @ TADA Theater

BKBX - First B&W Ball Postcard