Broken Box Mime Theater aims to activate the imagination of our audiences, contemporize the art of mime, and remind us all of the power of simple storytelling.

Broken Box Mime Theater (BKBX) is an NYC-based non-profit that collaboratively creates original, contemporary plays through mime.  Set to lights and music, our pieces range from realistic to metaphorical, heart-wrenching to hilarious, cinematic to intimate and everything in between, held together by the belief that great theater requires little ornamentation, only great vision.

Without the use of props, sets, costumes, or words, our stories are told only with our bodies.  It is this process of “essentializing” Story that is, ultimately, what makes our work both dynamic and compelling. Each audience member is cast as our Final Playwright, projecting onto our white face-paint and seemingly blank stage their own memories and visions.

Since forming in 2011, BKBX has received New York Innovative Theatre Awards for Outstanding Ensemble, Outstanding Performance Art, and Outstanding Choreography/Movement. BKBX is supported by the White Pines Residency, Drop Forge & Tool, Holes in the Wall Collective, Bennington Center for the Arts, CUNY Dance Initiative Residency at City College, A.R.T./New York Creative Space Grants, the Nancy Quinn Foundation Grant, the Cultural Development Fund, and NYSCA.

The company responds: “Why mime?”

Praise for BKBX

“Theater at its finest.”

– Meagan Meehan, axs.com

“A dazzling, diverse company.”

– Darryl Reilly, TheaterScene.net

“A feast of physical storytelling.”

– Ran Xia, Theater Is Easy

“Mime reminds us that human truth exists and more, that it’s communicable. That in itself is cause for joy.”

– Victoria Ordin, Broadway World

“Their enthusiasm for and facility with the oft-maligned art of mime is positively infectious.”

– Nicole Gluckstern, Stage-Rush.com